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Language is more than a means of communicating with other people. Language is also an instrument of thought. In our mind there is a permanent soliloquy with which we explain and interpret the world.The ability to speak therefore has a decisive influence on how and what you can think about.

The Right Structure

The structure of the language itself plays an important role here. While the German language uses essentially logical lines of reasoning to formulate certain statements, the Chinese language is full of metaphors and symbols. And this applies not only to Chinese characters, but also to spoken Chinese in general.

For this reason, Chinese also think of images rather than on the factual level and often do not speak things concretely but rather in hints and parables – a circumstance that often leaves Western speakers in despair.However, those who learn to understand this way of thinking will not only get along better with Chinese. By learning Chinese, you also increase your visual imagination in general, which is useful in many creative areas. At the good chinese language school in angmokio you will be able to have the best options here.

Cultural competence China has a millennia-old culture. Those who learn Chinese can gain a deep insight into the cultural diversity of the country and thereby increase its intercultural competence. If you look at the history, art and philosophy of the country, you will quickly realize that in the West we usually have only a superficial general knowledge that consists of a few stereotypes. During a language study, one can learn a lot about the society, traditions and mentality of a people – be it about interpersonal relationships, hierarchies, customs and manners.chinesisch03

Chinese is creative!

Not only the Chinese characters are a real challenge for us Europeans, but also the pronunciation, tonality as well as the complex symbolism and metaphor of the Chinese have it all. Learning Chinese is thus confronted with a completely different way of thinking and a different perception of the world. This in turn leads to an expansion of the horizon and an increase in creativity . The often-vaunted “out-of-the-box thinking” becomes a reality when studying Chinese!

In the globalized world, standard Chinese has become an influential and versatile language. While it is unlikely that Chinese will overtake English as a lingua franca, it is also beneficial for native speakers of English to invest in this language.

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